Have you ever observed a storm from the very beginning? Like from the time when it is clear blue sky? Have you watched how things change when a storm comes? I did. Just a while ago. And I realized something. Something very important. Something very logical. Something very close to reality. Very close to our lives. It is the relationship between life and nature. While standing near the window and watching what was happening, I understood how life is inspired by nature. And that whatever happens in our lives resembles a natural phenomenon. Sounds interesting? Read on then.

Earlier when I used to read things like – “Your mind is so powerful that you can change your life.”, or that, “Life is what you make it”, I didn’t believe at all. I am a computer science student. And we believe only in logic. Honestly, when I read those sentences which I just mentioned above for the first time, I was like “What’s the logic behind it? How can thinking change our life? Nonsense.” And, with that, I concluded that all these are just things which people say. For many reasons – to inspire people, to motivate people, simply to give them hope when there is none, or sometimes even to sell their books or products, etc.

But, today, during those 10 minutes of watching something incredibly beautiful happening right in front of me, I learnt that whatever they say is true. Yes, each and every single word. All of it. One hundred percent true.

I was just walking in the corridor when I saw the sky turning black. So, I thought of taking a look at what actually happens.

The sky was clear blue. Pure. Not even a speck of darkness. Free from all the impurities. Slowly, it started changing. Not intentionally. It was as if someone was forcing it to change colour. Grey clouds appeared in the horizon. Then, very slowly, without any noise, they covered the entire sky. Everything went grey. As if trying to implant fear in the mind of each individual present in the area. And they managed to do that. It was a sudden chaos. The workers started packing their machinery to prevent them from getting wet, the students started running to reach their respective hostels, and animals started sprinting here and there to find shelter. Every living being moved. Except only one. The trees. They firmly stood at their places. Of course, you will say that they cannot move. But that’s the whole point. Maybe you are not supposed to move. Maybe it’s just about waiting for the storm to come. And facing it. Not running away.

Then came the wind. It started with a gentle cold breeze. Very comforting. Very lively. Very charming. But with time, the speed and the roaring of the wind increased. It gained power. And within a few minutes, it took over completely. The wind destroyed everything which came along the way. All the things which were dead on the ground regained life. Polythene bags, chunks of paper, sand, light pebbles, and many other objects started flying with the wind. Increasing its power. Supporting the wind who gave them life. Their alma-mater. I was standing there watching everything. Even after having both my feet firmly on the ground, the wind managed to push me back. It seemed like it was saying, “Move back, you poor little thing. This is my time to rule. Can’t you see how I destroyed everything? Aren’t you afraid? Run. Go and hide.”

I did not go back. Instead, I took a step ahead and regained my original position. I wanted to see what happens. I wanted to face the consequences of not listening to the wind. Of not running away. Of standing there and fighting the storm.
Suddenly, all went quiet. Silence. It was peaceful. As if every tension in the world had ceased. As if the world was full of peace and joy.

Then, suddenly, there was a cracking sound. Ghostly. Evil. Thunder followed the silence. It shook me away. By fear. I was terrified for a moment. I wanted to turn back and go to my room. But I forced myself to just keep standing there. Not to give up so soon.

Water droplets hit my face. Tiny little droplets. Cold. Relaxing. I smiled at their touch. They felt so nice. But, gradually, their size increased. The force with which they were hitting me increased. And I had to move a few steps back. To prevent myself from becoming their prey. The water and the wind partnered with each other, leading to more destruction.
Even when all of this was happening, even when I was forced to move back a few steps, the trees didn’t move. Not even an inch. It seemed as if they were dancing. Moving rhythmically with the wind. From one side to another. And the rain along with the wind gave it a shady moist effect. It was magical. The most beautiful scene I have seen till date. The trees were saying, “We do not fear anyone. We trust our roots. They will protect us always.”
Then all went blur. The wind and rain together tried their level best to take down the trees. The speed of the wind increased manifold. Thunderous sounds came after every few seconds. Trying to scare the trees. But they didn’t move. Water poured like anything. Wind and water together tried smashing the trees. Tried making them fall apart. But none, not even the smallest of the trees, gave up. Not even one tree fell down. They were all standing tall and smiling at the wind, water and thunder. There was no other sign of life. Only the trees. Facing the storm bravely. Protecting the soil which held their roots.

Even after a lot of efforts, the storm did not manage to do anything to the trees. The speed of the wind decreased slowly and the rain became mild. As if the clouds had lost their source of water. As if the wind lost its power. As if the storm gave up.
And then, very slowly, the clear sky gained courage. Maybe by looking at the trees’ willpower. It somehow managed to shoo away the grey clouds who had taken over it sometime ago. The clear sky took over again. Telling everyone that hope is not lost. Just not yet.
And then, all the things started coming back to normal. The workers went out and continued their work. The students came out of their hostels and continued with their routine. The animals came out of the shelters and started playing with the water.
Things became normal. More beautiful than before. New. Fresh. As if everything just had a renovation. It was fabulous. How the water droplets which had tried to destroy the trees a while ago, now increased their beauty. How the wind which had just tried to push me back, suddenly gave me a tinge to go out and take a walk. How they were enemies a while ago and now, as if they were the best of friends.

The logic is very simple. Every situation which we find challenging is like the storm. And we are the trees. Or rather, we are supposed to be the trees. The people around us are like the thunder. When we are a bit afraid, they try to scare us even more. So that we stop working towards whatever we have thought of. So that we FAIL. The “Log kya kahenge” thing. That’s what thunder is. It does not matter once we achieve our goal. When the storm subsides, the very first thing that goes away is thunder. That’s the point. People always have something to say. And what happens when we believe everything they say? We limit ourselves. We are unable to open up. We end up turning introverts. We are unable to take a step in the right direction despite of knowing somewhere deep inside that we CAN do it. Our inner voice. That matters. Not what we hear from others. It only forbids us from reaching close to our goals. A very interesting line which I heard somewhere, “If everyone around you is saying that you have gone mad, you are definitely moving in the right direction!” That’s the logic. People don’t know what your plan is. YOU do.

That’s what I learnt. That’s what life is. If we face the storm bravely, we can overcome it. Running away is NOT an option. There is no storm powerful enough to destroy us. Nothing can ever hold us back if we decide to go out there and prove ourselves. Nothing can stop us from reaching where we want to. Only if we are brave. Only if we have confidence to face anything which comes in our way. Only if we do not run away from things. Only if we face them. Only if we are ready for the consequences. Only if we trust our roots – our morals, our values, our culture. The teachings given to us by our elders. Whatever we have learnt from life till date. There are no problems in life, only challenges. And every challenge possess an opportunity. An opportunity which we can grab to fulfil our dreams. To live life the way we want.
Life is indeed inspired by nature. Isn’t it? Think for yourself.