Teenage life is indeed full of adventures. I don’t know how or why, but, every single day, something strange and amazing is happening. Before I lose track of all this, and before the college exams take over again, I just wanted to keep a record of all that had happened.

Ok, so, last weekend, I went to Chennai. We had pongal vacations in college, so there was no point staying here for 4 days. And I must say, Chennai is a really nice place. But, the thing is, if you have memories associated with anything, it’s value increases manifold! It does not matter if those memories or incidents are good or bad, you remember both of them equally well.

Two of my friends and I were roaming the local streets of “Pottheri”, the area where SRM University is located. We were sitting in a juice shop when this whole thing happened. Out of nowhere, a guy came to us and greeted us. He was carrying a few calenders and two or three books. We were also like “Hello”, wondering who he was and why did he come to us. He told us that he was an author from Nigeria and that he had written a few books which he was selling at half the price and that he wanted to talk to us about it. Now obviously, this is INCREDIBLE INDIA! So, if someone is selling a book at half the price, all of us assume that the book is useless and that he is conning us. I also felt the same, until he showed me the title. After reading the title, I was even more sure that it’s a fake. Whether you believe it or not, the title went like this – “THE BOOK WHICH MADE THE MAN THE RICHEST BILLIONAIRE ON EARTH AND HOW TO BECOME LIKE HIM IN ONE DAY – BILL GATES”

Before you form any opinions on this one, let me tell you something. He wrote the book keeping BILL GATES as an example and was guaranteeing us that we can also become like him in one single day. Now, I don’t know whether that bit is true or not, as I haven’t read it yet. Oh yes, we did buy it. Still not sure why. Probably because I wanted to see what’s written in it. I totally agree that BILL GATE’s story is highly inspiring and all that. But, becoming like him in one day? Blah! That is simply not possible! Not practically, at least.

Anyhow, so he showed us the book and one of my friends started asking him questions. And I am telling you, it was one hell of a conversation! It started with “Why did you choose Bill Gates and not someone else?” and ended with us buying one copy. He was insisting us that we buy three, one for each. And the reason which he gave was, “There is only one feedback form in each book! So how will all three of you give me feedbacks!” Stupid reason, isn’t it? But, we somehow managed to convince him that we were not going to buy more than one copy.

Let me highlight a few points of our conversation. According to me, the best part was the way he introduced his book, if you want to call it one. He said, “I have some knowledge and you have some knowledge, on different subjects. So, both of us are at the same level right now. But, if you add my knowledge to yours, or vice versa, both of our knowledge levels would increase. Both of us will get to learn something new. Now suppose you do it with everyone around you. Then? All their knowledge combined with your own will take you to a completely different level.” This may seem a bit illogical at first, but, if you think about it, it makes sense. For example, I have knowledge about softwares and other gadgets and you have knowledge about, let’s say, politics. I know it makes no sense at all, but, if were to sit and discuss some stuff, both of us get to learn something new. And, if we combine all that, maybe I will get to know the tax on gadgets and all, and you will get to know how the e-governance system works. Just a simply useless example.

Also, we asked him this – “Why not Steve Jobs?” And he answered very smartly, “Would you like to become BILL GATES or STEVE JOBS?”ย And we did not have an answer to that question! The point is – Bill Gates has more money, moremore property, more, well, more everything than Steve Jobs, except maybe creativity. But then, whatever he did, he somehow managed to become much more reputed than Jobs, in the eyes of the public at least.

One lesson which I learnt was – “Don’t do something just because you want to get famous! Self-satisfaction is what actually matters! If you like what you are working on, the public is definitely going to like it too!” Oh, and one more small thing, “Ask questions! No one minds you asking them questions, as long as you are being sensible!” :p

I read a post on FB. It was – Bill Gates almost got a heart attack when he saw a book titled ‘How to become a billionaire like Bill Gates in one day!’ on Ondoan Railway Station. It might sound funny at first, but then, he spent his entire lifetime in reaching where he is now, and he still has to keep making efforts to maintain that. So, how can people even think of making others like him in a day? If it were so easy, shouldn’t they be making themselves like him first?

Well, after this incident, I am pretty sure it’s not only in India! People all around the world have started thinking that becoming successful is a cup of tea. It is, I don’t deny that, but, I am still thinking about how Bill Gates will react when he himself reads this book! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Life is full of strange things! Don’t try to find all the answers, because when you do, life changes the questions! ๐Ÿ˜‰