“Hello”, I said, picking up the call. I did not recognise the number though.
“Hi bhaiya, free ho?”, a familiar but hushed voice replied.
“Han I am free. Tell me, what’s up?”, I replied, still not sure about the caller.
“Ye number hai aapke paas?”, she enquired.
Then it hit me. It was HER. Finally she had called. Thank God!
“Nahi hai. But aawaz se pehchan liya tha.”, I lied.
“Baap re.”, she replied, surprised.
She knew I was lying. But then, she did not drag it any longer.
“Kaisi hai?”, I asked, trying to be normal again.
Something had happened. And neither of us was responsible. Things happen. You cannot control everything. As simple as that.
“Mein thik hu. Aap sunao.”, she said, and that conversation went on for almost 40 minutes.
It was almost a month since I last talked to her. And that was only three messages. She had said that she will call me when it was possible. And I had been waiting since.
We talked about what was happening in her life, about my college, the latest movie releases and the World Cup, among other things.
What we talked about is not important.
The point is, she called. She remembered. That means a lot to me. Especially after what happened.
You know, sometimes, you meet certain people. And they become special. And you simply cannot categorize them into the norms set by the society.
To put it in one simple line, ‘A girl and a boy can be friends.’
It is very much possible.

I had reached the class 10 minutes early. The reason being that my previous class had been cancelled and I was simply passing my time roaming here and there.
I did not think about her that day. No idea why. Usually, when going for that particular class, she always crossed my mind, because that is the only class we were together in.
Strange thing it is, destiny, I must say.
As I said, I was already bored. So, I had my tab in my hand and was playing FIFA while waiting for the class to begin.
I attempted a neat goal in the game, but that stupid goalkeeper defended it.
So, more out of shock than frustration, I looked straight up, blaming the goalkeeper in my mind.
It was then that I saw her coming. She had just come out from the lift and was walking directly towards me.
That was my first thought. Obviously, I was mistaken. She was coming for the class, I knew that. But, as you know, we can’t stop our dear mind from thinking what it wants to!
When I saw her, she was busy looking in her mobile phone. I kept my gaze fixed at her.
As soon as she was about to look up, I turned my head around. I did not want her to catch me staring. I guess she did. Not sure. But then, some things are best left unaccounted for!
I was standing right next to the door. She also came and stood beside me.
I initiated the conversation.
We had a nice little chat.
It went on till the class began.

The problem with people is, they always need something to say. If you are talking to a girl, she is your girlfriend, and on similar grounds, he is your boyfriend.
What is wrong with everyone?
I mean, why can’t I talk to a girl without everybody making an issue out of it?
The least I can say is, GROW UP people!